Pedro Ximénez

Natural sweet wine aged in American Oak barrels.
15% vol.
Grape variety: 100% Pedro Ximénez.

The vinification process of the Pedro Ximénez grape, which gives name to this wine, starts in Summer with the sun drying of the grape in order to achieve the pacification; changes in its sugar content, its chemical nature, and other changes both physical and sensorial.

Once the must is extracted, it is then fortified up to 10% in order to stop the fermentation. During the following Autumn and Winter the wine will be clarified. After this the “desliado”, the removal of any sediment from the wine, takes place. Then the wine is fortified to 15% and transferred to the butts where it will enjoy a process of oxidative ageing in the system of soleras and criaderas over the next 5 years.

To the senses: dense, sweet, silky and delicious.
For El Maestro, it goes with… blue cheese.