The Winery

More than a century ago, there was a cooper named Jose Antonio Sierra, who was very knowledgeable in the particular craft of Sherry wine thanks to his barrel workshop in the La Merced district of Jerez. Despite being not being part of the wine aristocracy, he dared to start dreaming…

He established his workshop in what was then the outskirts of Jerez. This is where El Maestro Sierra bodega still stands today, charming and discrete, yet proud. The time that has passed has only confirmed this barrel maker’s skills. Some of his butts (American Oak barrels specifically for sherry making) are almost two hundred years old. They continue to preserve his carved signature and contain the best centenary wines of the bodega.

Today as always El Maestro Sierra combines traditional wine-making with artisan character. The bodega is still family owned, and that family continues to age, bottle and export wines of the Jerez-Xérès-Sherry D.O, the governing body the bodega belongs to.

«In wine is the truth».

Plinio “the old”.