Maestro Sierra announces the III Pilar Plá Pechovierto Award

Bodegas El Maestro Sierra has published the call for applications for the Third Pilar Plá Pechovierto Award for Entrepreneurship and Excellence.

The firm from Jerez, which already granted a specific prize for Excellence in the second edition to the figure of Lola Flores, “has deemed it appropriate, after the experience of the first two editions, to separate the concepts of entrepreneurship and excellence, given the difficulty of reward both in a unified way, to reinforce the facet of entrepreneurship and recognize excellence on a not necessarily annual basis”, according to the new rules.

As explained by the winery, María de Carmen Borrego Plá, president of the jury that announces the contest, “after two calls and as a result of the experience of both, we have been introducing small changes that we consider to improve the contest. In the second call, we open the award to the national and international level. In this third, we have separated these concepts, after considering various parameters, and especially the difficulty of valuing entrepreneurship and excellence in a unified way; because often this is only achieved after a long journey of entrepreneurship. In such a way that from this edition we will have two awards: the Pilar Plá Pechovierto Award for Entrepreneurship and the Pilar Plá Pechovierto Award for Excellence”.

Another novelty that is introduced in the new bases is that the entrepreneurship award will be annual, as it has been developed up to now, and through the presentation of a candidacy. Not so the prize for excellence, which will be awarded or not, annually at the jury’s judgment and unanimously, so it will not be necessary to submit a candidacy.

“The process is very simple”, explained the winery, “for the entrepreneurship award, the form of presentation is the same as always. The awarding of the prize for excellence will take place after a debate and a unanimous decision that will come from the jury itself and to which you do not have to apply”.

As usual, the bases will be available, as well as the application form, on the website and from this moment candidacies can be presented.

The period will close on Friday, February 2, 2024, one month before the award or prizes will be awarded on March 2 of next year.