Maestro Sierra explains its philosophy in a specialized course at International University of Andalusia

The winery El Maestro Sierra has had the honor and responsibility to participate on July 28 in the successful course Great Spanish wines organized by the International University of Andalusia in the Campus of La Rábida, directed by Eusebio Pérez Pastor. María del Carmen Borrego Plá, her mother, Mrs. Pilar Plá and the winemaker of the winery, Ana Cabestrero, had the opportunity to shed the philosophy of the centenary winery and the traditional work that is carried out in it, in a day in which she also participated the president of the Regulatory Council, Beltrán Domecq, who claimed the essential role of the wine of Jerez: “We want the Jerez wine to stop being a wine to cope and as a great wine that is, we must use a suitable glass, temper it in conditions , especially cold chamomile and fine, and the third condition is the use as a contribution to the cuisine. He stressed that “it is already outdated that only Sherry wine is consumed as an aperitif. We have Sherry wines with which we can make a complete meal. “