El Ateneo del Vino de El Puerto rewards the career of Doña Pilar Plá

Doña Pilar Plá Pechovierto, owner of the El Sierra Sierra Winery, was named last year Honorary Member of the Wine Athenaeum of El Puerto de Santa María during the XX Days of Fine Wine that took place at the Hotel Monasterio. El Ateneo del Vino de El Puerto has valued the figure of Doña Pilar as a representation of “the excellence of a whole life dedicated to the work of well-made wine” with the maxim of “infinite quality at a fair price”. Doña Pilar, meanwhile, accepted the award very excited and in the presence of her daughter, María del Carmen Borrego Plá and part of the team of the winery. Doña Pilar deeply appreciated the award in her name and in that of all the women who work in the Marco de Jerez. “I was a pioneer,” he said, “but today fortunately there are many.” Secondly, she explained that what she had tried was “to help within my possibilities to open the way to the empowerment of Jerez”, but “now all others continue and expand the way”. Finally, “we should not ask ourselves,” said Dona Pilar, “what wine can do for us, but what we can do for wine.” The event was chaired by the president of the Ateneo, Javier Thuillier, the mayor of El Puerto, David de la Encina, and in the presence of the president of the Regulatory Council, Beltrán Domecq, numerous representatives of different wineries of the Marco as well as more than a hundred of assistants.