Maestro Sierra institutes the Pilar Plá Pechovierto Award for entrepreneurship and excellence

Bodegas El Maestro Sierra has hosted this morning the presentation of the “Pilar Plá Pechovierto Award for entrepreneurship and excellence”. An award that this year 2022 will celebrate its first edition and with which your institution, from the winery, wants to pay tribute to Doña Pilar, the “great lady of Sherry”, who for more than four decades managed the winery firm; recent years, together with his daughter, María del Carmen Borrego Plá.

It was precisely she, the current owner of Bodegas Maestro Sierra, together with Ana Cabestrero Ortega, oenologist and commercial director of the firm, who was in charge of explaining to the media the objective of this award, which “lies in the desire that the values ​​of entrepreneurship and excellence, which were the basis of her business activity, endure and serve as a reminder for this society that she loved so much, despite not being from here”, she explained.

Individuals, but also companies or institutions based in the Jerez Region “that have carried out an action that has involved effort and a permanent search for excellence in any vital, social, business aspect, and that have contributed in that aspect may compete for the award. some benefit to society. The winery has explained that the action must have been developed within the framework, but “does not have to be related to the wine sector.”

Precisely tomorrow, March 8, two years have passed since the death, at the age of 99, of Doña Pilar, which is why that annual date has been chosen to deliver the Prize. That will be from the next edition since, in the current one, 2022, and as a result of the pandemic, the date chosen has been that of next September 24, also meant for the winery and, in this case, its founder, Jose Antonio Sierra.

The award will not have financial endowment. The prize will consist of a piece of craftsmanship inspired by the work of the aforementioned master cooper and founder, whose work was based on effort and work well done, “qualities that he also shared with Doña Pilar”, explained his daughter.

“Well, for us”, assured María del Carmen Borrego Plá, “the award becomes a symbol, in addition to the memory of Doña Pilar, of what El Maestro Sierra was, is and will be”.

The bases of the prize as well as the details to request participation in it are now available for download on our website