Tabanco El Pasaje receives the Pilar Plá Pechovierto Award

The Bodega El Maestro Sierra has been the host of the delivery of the I Pilar Plá Award from the entrepreneurship and excellence to Antonio Ramírez Sánchez and the initiative of the Tabanco “El Pasaje”.
In an act that has been developed solemnly, while close and endearing, the act has been read in the presence of the jury chaired by María del Carmen Borrego Plá and composed of Ana Cabestrero, Rosario Ortiz, Francisco Salas, Rafael Valiente and Sonia Arnáiz, who unanimously designated the candidacy presented by the passage.
The president of the jury, María del Carmen Borrego Plá, has glossed the merits of the winner to raise the prize, among which the defense of the wine of Jerez and the Flamenco, the promotion of our values ​​and the ability to transcend more Beyond our borders and act, at the same time, as a tractor element of the local economy by resurfaceing initiatives parallel to their own.
But Borrego Plá has also defended the quality and importance of all other candidacies presented, so he has assured that the jury’s work has been “as arduous as painful”, and wanted to publicly thank all of them to have shared his experience with the first edition of the award dedicated to Doña Pilar; While she has encouraged them to present themselves to next editions.
Precisely Doña Pilar is the protagonist not only of the name of the award but also of the artistic and artisan piece of tonger that composes it, which has been devised by the winemaker of the winery, Ana Cabestrero, and executed in her own workshops. It is a unique piece formed by the initial one with which the winemaker signed, forged in metal on an American oak chantel – the last piece of wood that closes the boot – and with a bronze plate also made by a reputed goldsmith. Antonio Ramírez Sánchez, who has received with great emotion the prize in front of a portrait of Doña Pilar, has deeply thanked the recognition while he wanted to share it with all his team and all the people and institutions that have collaborated and confident in this new career of the passage from his rebirth in 2010 with an objective as apparently simple, but as complex as to value the own: the wine of Jerez and the flamenco.
With flamenco precisely, from the hand of the painting that usually collaborates with the passage, and thanks to the award -winning, this day has been closed in which numerous political, business and the economic world of the economic, representative and social world of Jerez, of the framework, of the framework, of the framework, of the and from the province.
The bases of the II Pilar Pilar Prize in the venture of entrepreneurship and excellence will be made public in the coming weeks.

La bodega El Maestro Sierra ha sido hoy sede de la entrega del I Premio Pilar Plá Pechovierto al Emprendimiento y la Excelencia a Antonio Ramírez Sánchez y a la iniciativa del tabanco “El Pasaje”.